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Camaguey Cuba Travel Agency

Camaguey Cuba Travel Agency is the largest province in Cuba. It is located in the eastern-central part of the country, 550 km (around 340 miles) east of Havana. The largest number of cays and islets in the Cuban archipelago lie just off its coasts, and it has over 120 km (75 miles) of beautiful beaches 25 percent of the length of all the beaches in Cuba.

When the Spaniards founded this settlement in 1514, they named it Santa María del Puerto Príncipe, but the Indians' name for it is the one that has lasted over the years. Now, both the province and its capital city are called Camagüey.

People say that the settlement was born of clay, because that was the material used for making the bricks of which the first houses were built. The large, Arabic-style earthenware jars (tinajones) that were used for storing rainwater in the past and that symbolize the province now were also made of clay. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were around 16,000 of those jars in the city.

Camaguey Cuba Travel Agency Declared a national monument, the historic center of the province's capital-parts of whose asymmetric design resemble a spider web-is the largest in Cuba and one of those which best preserve their colonial atmosphere and architecture.

Very early in its history, Camagüey became a land of legends. Like every other place, its culture is distinctive-in this case, influenced not only by the economic prosperity which has always characterized the region (and often attracted corsairs and pirates) but also by its history.

Camagüey has an abundance of beautiful scenery, ranging from Santa Lucía Beach and the Reina (Queen's) Archipelago, with its heavenly Caguama (Loggerhead Turtle) Cay, to the Cubitas Mountain Range. Here, you can see interesting flora and fauna and go in for water sports, hunting and fishing.

Camaguey Cuba Travel Agency, During the first few years after Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe was founded in 1514, its inhabitants pulled up stakes several times, trying to evade attacks by pirates and corsairs. It was moved to its present site, between the Tínima and Hatibonico Rivers, in early 1528. Now, Tínima is the name not only of the river but also of an exquisite beer that is made in this province.

The city, which was officially named Camagüey in 1903, preserves much of the enchantment of its colonial past. The oldest part of the city is the largest (300 hectares) historic center in the country and one of the best preserved. It has been declared a national monument. Its narrow, winding streets give the city a Christian-Muslim-Andalusian flavor.

Explore it on foot. That way, you won't miss any of the main churches, other buildings and squares which date from the era of Spanish rule and from the republican period. Many of these buildings are made of clay, as may be seen in their brick walls, red tiled roofs and famous earthenware jars Camaguey Cuba Travel Agency.


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