Excursions in Cuba, 2020
 Excursions in Cuba,  2020 Excursions in Cuba,  2020 Excursions in Cuba,  2020Cuba Travel Agency

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Excursions in Cuba, 2020

With the excursions in Cuba you can enjoy a wide variety of options, in which you can get to know different places of Cuba, at very cheap prices and in offers.

We have excursions in Havana, which take a tour around Old Havana, and the historic quarter, with buildings and fortresses of the year 1600 recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.

You can go on a trip to Cuba, and once you visit our country, you can select other excursions, or city tours, old car rides from the years 1940 and 1950, you can go to Soroa, Viñales or Varadero.

You can enjoy your holidays with our excursions in Cuba!!!

Cuba Excursions
- Excursion to Varadero
- Panoramic Tour of the City
- Excursion to Cayo Largo del Sur
- Excursion to Guama
- Peasants Party
- Excursion to Viñales
- Overnight in Viñales, Finca San Vicente or Las Magnolias
- A visit to The National Botanical Garden
- To Cayo Largo del Sur —Special Offer—
- To Viñales —Especial Offer—
- To Varadero —Especial Offer—
- Tropicana Cabaret
- Old Havana at Night and its Squares
- Cannon-ball, Firing Ceremony
- The Hemingway Trail
- Green, I want you Green
- Excursion to Rio Canimar
- Yacht ride on the Havana Coast
- Seafari to the Coral Reef
- Scuba Diving
- Overnight Cienfuegos - Trinidad

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