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Cuba Incentive Travel - Groups.

Cuba Incentive Travel - Groups.

Cuba Incentive Travel

Companies do not know the importance and what they earn by organizing an incentive trip to Cuba. Some deny or simply think it is wasting time or money, being quite the opposite.

Travel to Cuba of incentives is an opportunity to create or consolidate teams. It is the ideal time for workers to unite and motivate themselves, to obtain new objectives or to complete existing ones.

An incentive trip is among other things a bonus or gift to thank the staff of a company or its customers. It is an organized trip that its main objective is to initiate or to stimulate the relations between the personnel and to create labor links for a better further development in the company.

It is a way to recognize your workers, customers or associates all the support and effort made for days or years to achieve a goal. So we strive to offer an incentive travel to Cuba where you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

The incentive trip is created according to the need, because each company or group of workers have different tastes and needs. This is why it is organized or grouped into several types:

• Group activities: With this type of trip it is incentive to carry out activities in group, with the objective of showing the importance of the work team.

• Sports: The relationship or main point of this type of travel is the sport, and mainly the one that is in team. The idea is to encourage the competitive spirit, always based on the team and respect for the companions.

• Luxury and relaxation: it is organized with 4 or 5 stars hotels that are all inclusive and have SPA, gym, health treatments, etc. It is the best to recognize the work well done throughout the year.

• Adventure or Nature: When you create this type of trip, you consider nature, birdwatching, fishing, safaris.

• Cultural: We use the incentive of the creative part and train the employees, organizing visits to sites of history, exhibitions, museums, etc.

When you create or develop an incentive trip in Cuba, you should consider the duration. For the experience that our travel agency has, is that it should be 4 or 5 days and that is in the months of May, June, September, October.

Cuba is developing the incentive travel market. There exists all the conditions in terms of special destination places, hotels with meeting room, where you can made events and congress.

We can organize a incentive travel group to Havana, and include a excursions from Havana to other Cuban provinces or destinations.

Join to our Cuban island and enjoy their natural beauty, culture and history. Just give us the Opportunity and will not regret.

All these opportunities can combine in the perfect lifetime experience.

We can provide you:

• Complete budget for all land services
• Selecting the best places and resorts
• Organize advanced site inspection
• Ground transportation
• Special events, banquets, cocktails parties, Gala dinners
• Meeting spaces with coffee brakes, and other facilities
• Special sightseeing tours and excursions
• In-room gift
• On site group coordinator that will assist the group all the time
• Special conditions for the Tour Leader.

And much more.....

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• Desired dates of the trip and duration
• Interests
• Aprox. number of persons
• Level of accommodations
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