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Cayo Largo Cuba Travel AgencyCayo Largo Cuba Travel AgencyCayo Largo Cuba Travel Agency

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Cayo Largo Cuba Travel Agency

Cayo Largo Cuba Travel Agency, The Canarreos Archipelago whose high level of conservation and diversity of resources are its main potentials for tourism lies along the southwestern coast of the island of Cuba.

The gem of this group, which consists of around 300 keys, is Cayo Largo del Sur, a long, thin islet whose greatest width is 6,5 km (four miles) across and whose narrowest point is just a little over half a mile wide. Everyone who has seen its 27 km (nearly 17 miles) of beaches describes it as "out of this world."

Prestigious specialized publications such as the National Geographic have said that the seabed near Cayo Largo del Sur is one of the best-preserved on earth-the truth of which can be confirmed by diving at any of the 33 scuba-diving sites near the cay. Bird watching in its large mangrove swamps is also very rewarding.

The Puertosol Marinas chain (international free ports) also offers facilities for fishing; living on board; and sailing around the islet, neighboring cays-Rosario, Rico, Cantiles and Iguana-and the Isle of Youth, where you can save time by flying from Vilo Acuña International Airport. Dubbed "the All-Inclusive island," Cayo Largo del Sur now has more than 1000 rooms in inviting hotels and villas.

Cayo Largo del Sur has 27 km (nearly 17 miles) of fine white sandy beaches. Some of the seven beaches on this islet-such as Paradiso (Paradise) and Lindamar (Pretty Sea) are very intimate; Blanca (White) Beach is protected by crags, and turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on Tortuga (Turtle) Beach. The sand on Sirena (Siren) Beach never gets uncomfortably hot, no matter how strong the sun may be, and colonies of coral are easy to find near it at a depth of 35 m (115 feet) Cayo Largo Cuba Travel Agency.


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