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Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, HolguinHotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, HolguinHotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, HolguinCuba Travel Agency

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  Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin

Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin
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Cayo Saetía. Mayarí

Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin
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Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin
Prices and Offers. 

Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin, Hotel Gaviota Villa Cayo Saetia is a true hideaway resort. Located on Nipe Bay, the biggest in Cuba, this is an enticing paradise for visitors because of its virgin beaches and its exotic flora and fauna. Cayo Saetia spreads over 42 km., is heavily forested (65 % of its area) and possesses 12 little beaches famous for its fine sand, crystal-clear waters and brown rock formations (unique to this place).

It is considered the largest nature reserve of the country, with a large and wide variety of animals: wild boars, buffaloes, ostriches, peacocks, zebras, antelopes, cane rats, wild bulls and many more. Beware of the tiny Sand-Flies on the beaches. Conceived as a Natural Reserve, Cayo Saetia is kept as a wilderness area, little trodden upon by men. This status has protected its original flora and fauna up to this date.

Facilities of the hotel Cayo Saetia include bar, beach grill, shop and very small but delicious Cuban cuisine restaurant (meals can be served on the balcony of your room). Most of the excursions can be booked from the hotel and include snorkelling, boat rides, jeep safaris, horseback riding and many more.

Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin, We have in Cuba, wide range of hotel at your disposal where to spend your vacations in Cuba. From city rooms located in down town where history and architecture take you centuries ago, to modern placed on worldwide known Beach resorts. He Cayo Saetia, it is a choice, here in Cuba you will find a list of more than 220 locations. In a Hotel Cayo Saetia most of the Cuba hotels you will find a brief description and photographs of the place and detailed Cuba information giving category, hotel address, capacity, locations, A Cayo Saetia room facilities, general services. Hotel Cayo Saetia prices, types of rooms and seasons are listed at the end of the hotel page.

Through us, you can book your room at Hotel Cayo Saetia. In 4 and 5 stars Historic Lodgings in Cuba Old and Modern Havana, for example the Cayo Saetia, either in old buildings now fully restored or in recently built installations with high comfort and quality of services. The Cayo Saetia, among them we have luxurious in Cuba rooms for VIP's willing to have first class lodging associated to business infrastructure. But this is not only possible in Cuba city and in a Cayo Saetia, all along the island you will find available rooms, and depending on your specific interests, you could reserve at Cuba, excursions, city tours and tours departing from a Cayo Saetia location to the countryside, the beautiful sandy Cuba beaches or even go sailing through the Caribbean clean waters.

At night, near at the Cayo Saetia you will have at disposal clubs, cabarets, and discotheques where to enjoy Cuban salsa music and dances. If you are planning to know the whole country on your own, you can rent a car in several car rental offices included at a Cayo Saetia, this would give you flexibility during your trip. For those looking for Cuba , Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin

Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin
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Hotel Cayo Saetia, Cuba, Holguin
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